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Increase Speed and Agility with these Cone Drills


Chisel & Shred: Arms and Abs 

Sculpt and Tone Your Arms - Resistance Bands 

Chisel Your Core With These Simple Standing Ab Drills




22 exercises
50 second work, 10 second rest
1. Tricep Band Pulls
2. Chest Pulldowns
3. Front-to-Back Pulldowns
4. Up/Down Jab Boxer Right
5. Up/Down Jab Squat Jumps
6. Up/Down Jab Boxer Left
7. Up/Down Jab Squat Jumps
8. Single Bent Over Band Row Right
9. Single Bent Over Band Row Left
10. Kneeling Tricep Pull Down Right
11. Kneeling Tricep Pull Down Left
12. Band Uppercuts Right
13. Uppercut/Jab Combo Right
14. Cross Strikes Right
15. Band Uppercuts Left
16. Uppercut/Jab Combo Left
17. Cross Strikes Left
18. Plank A-Pull Right
19. Plank T-Pull Right
20. Plank A-Pull Left
21. Plank T-Pull Left
22. Band Push-Ups
Remember to keep tension in the band throughout each exercise. Shoulders stay relaxed, chest tall and abdominals engaged. Think controlled movements and full range of motion. Good luck!

18 Climb Exercises That Will Crush Your Core

Chair Total Body Challenge

Who's up for The FB 22 Challenge? There are 22 vets a day that are committing suicide. These incredibly brave men and women put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms and it's sad that so many veterans feel suicide is the only way out. Please share this with your friends and family and help raise awareness to this issue.

22 Exercises | 22 Reps Each
All you need is a chair (or you can use a step if you have one)

The Exercises:
1. Basic Chair Squats (weights optional)
2. Single Elevated Push Strike (R/L)
3. Elevated Push-Up Jumps
4. Elevated Donkey Strike (R/L)
5. Elevated Donkey Jump (R/L)
6. Decline Sprints (R/L)
7. Rear Elevated Plyo Lunge (R/L)
8. Single Leg Dips (R/L)
9. Plyo Dips
10. Elevated Side Plank Tap Ups (R/L)
11. Decline Push-Ups
12. Decline Tricep Push-Ups
13. Single Bridge Kicks (R/L)
14. Single Bridge Leg Lowers (R/L)
15. A-Bridge Lift
16. V-Bridge Lift
17. Double Heel Strike Thru (R/L)
18. Decline Plank Twist Thru (R/L)
19. Alternating Walking Hovers
20. Double V Crunch
21. In-Out Crunch
22. Rainbow Crunch

Resistant Band Total Body Challenge

11 exercises, 2 minute intervals followed by 3 minutes cardio of choice ( run, jump rope, burpees, etc.)
Finish 2 rounds = 50-minute upper body shredder!

The exercises:
(Watch the video for demo. Video uses a theraband, my personal favorite, but you can use a regular tube band as well). 1 minute each side on all single side exercises....

1. Tricep Extension and Pull Down combination (incorporate legs and core by holding a squat, lunge or single leg hold)
2. Shoulder Pull Down
3. X Pulls
4. Single Leg Modified Donkey Kicks
5. Single Leg Hamstring Extensions
6. Single Arm Plank Raise
7. Single Arm Forward Raise Combination
8. Single Arm Bent Over Row
9. Tricep Pull Down, Bicep Hold combination
10. Bicep Raise, Bicep Hold combination
11. Alternating front punch

Awesome KettleBell Total Body Challenge

Remember, the key to kettlebell training is to focus on controlling the momentum throughout each movement.

15 exercises. 15 reps each.
Complete 2 total rounds:
(Watch the video for a demo of each exercise):

1. Kettlebell swing
2. High Pulls
3. Military Press
4. 360 Swings (15 each direction)
5. Sling Shot (15 each side)
6. Plank Row (15 each side)
7. Lunge Press (15 each side)
8. Chest Fly
9. Tricep Pullover/Crunch Press
10. Lunge Rotations (15 each side)
11. Bicep Curl (15 each side)
12. Turkish Get Up (15 each side)
13. Stand Knee Crunch (15 each side)
14. Squat/Single Leg Deadlift
Combination (15 each side)
15. Burpees

Four Push-Up Variations That Rock:

1. Hero Push-Up: push knees back towards floor getting as close to the floor as you can without touching

2. Walking Hover/Knee Tap Push-up: walk up/down plank followed by alternating knee touch to push-up. Advance the movement by trying single leg on the floor throughout exercise

3. Elbow/Knee Strike Push-Up: on lift, turn and pull elbow to ceiling with knee driving up to side. Advance the movement by adding weights or single leg option again

4. Pyramid Push-Up: starting from basic push-up, walk feet in one step and repeat push-up changing the angle as you bring the feet in towards the chest. Walk push-ups back down.

5 Kick Ass Core Crusher Exercises That Hit EVERY Abdominal Muscle!

- 90 second intervals
- 7.5 minute sets followed by 90 seconds of cardio work (jog in place, jump rope, jacks, mountain climbers, burpees, etc).
- 30 Second - 1 Minute Rest before beginning Round 2.
Complete 3 Rounds for a total of 30 Minutes:

All of the following exercises can be used with resistance (i.e. medicine ball or hand weights or alone. You can also add some instability work by incorporating a BOSU to activate even more muscles in the exercises)

1. BRIDGE RAISE/KNEE TOUCHES: Using a bench, BOSU or the floor, push the heels in to the floor and raise your hips as high as you can off the floor. Alternate knee raises bending at the hip to activate the lower abdominal muscles.

2. SUPERMAN CIRCLES: Lying down in a prone position on the floor. Reach arms overhead and lift upper body off the floor as high as you can. (If you don't have back issues, raise the legs up as well (firing on the low back muscles). Bring one arm down towards your side and reach as far as you can towards the feet. Switch sides

3. ALTERNATING CIRCLE ROLLUPS: In a supine position, reach one arm up overhead. Roll the body up one vertebrae at a time towards one side and reach as close to the feet as you can get. Roll back down again one vertebrae at a time to starting position. Switch sides. (Use a medicine ball or you can use a volleyball, soccer ball, etc if available)

4. SIDE PLANK/SINGLE ARM PASSES: In side plank position either on your elbow or hand, pass a ball high and low as far as you can reach in each direction. You can advance this movement by lifting the top leg up and either holding the position or adding leg lifts throughout the exercise. Switch at 45 seconds.

5. BOSU BIRD DOG OR PLANK HOLD: If you don't have a BOSU, try this exercise on your feet in a single leg plank instead of your knee. Again, you can add a knee-to-elbow crunch to advance the exercise. Switch at 45 seconds.

Finish with 90 seconds of cardio exercises of your choice.
30 second rest. Prepare for Round 2...
Good Luck

FB Thursday Throwdown: Killer Legs 4.22.15

Pistol Squats and Jump Ropes

You ready for this one? Don't let the simplicity fool you. This one is tough. Good luck!

#1: 2 Pistol squats on each side
(OR 30 second wall sit)
#2: Jump Rope (any variation) for 2 minutes.
On last 30 seconds, try double unders or jumps
(two rotations of the rope before landing)
#3: 3 Pistol squats on each side
(or 1 minute wall sit)
#4: Jump Rope for 3 mins
(last 30 seconds try double unders)
#5: 4 pistol squats on each side
(or 90 second wall sit)
#6: Jump Rope for 4 mins
(double unders last 30 sec)
#7: 5 Pistol squats on each side
(or 2 minute wall sit)
#8: Jump Rope for 5 minutes
(double unders last min.)

Takes approx. 20 mins. Good luck! Check out the video for some jump rope variations. Get creative with the rope...try single leg jumps, in/outs, high knees, skips, side-to-side jumps, up/back jumps, run, kick outs, butt kicks, box jumps etc. And if you don't have a rope, fake it! Just keep jumping.


1. Jump Squat/Squat Hurdles - 10 REPS
2. Oblique Inchworms - 10 REPS Ea. Side
3. Plank Hurdles - 1 Minute
4. Decline Push Ups - Wide Grip - 10 REPS
5. Decline Push Ups - Narrow Grip - 10 REPS
6. Pommel Vault/Dip to Push up combo - 1 Minute
7. Double Glute Kicks - 10 REPS ea. Side
8. Lunge Jumps - 10 REPS ea. Side
9. Pike Mtn. Climbers - 1 Minute
10. Decline Plank Butt Kicks - 10 REPS
(1 rep is both right and left kick)
11. Decline Mtn. Climbers - 10 REPS
(1 rep is both right and left knee tuck)
12. Decline Walking Hovers - 1 Minute
13. 4 Toe Touches/Leg Lowers - 10 REPS
14. Stacked Leg Lowers - 10 REPS
15. 8 Toe Taps/Jump Downs - 1 Minute
16. And BONUS: Pistol Squats...10 Reps Ea. Side. I can FINALLY do these! I have been working on doing pistol squats for the past 6 months. It takes a lot of balance, core and leg strength. If you're just starting out, try doing them while holding on to something (door, rail, bench. etc) smile emoticon Good luck!


Begin with 1 lap of running followed by 1 exercise from Level 2 cardio segment. Repeat 5 times for a total of 10 laps (most indoor tracks is 1 mile for every 10 laps).
On your second mile, repeat above (1 running lap followed by a Level 3 Cardio exercise). Repeat 5 times.

On mile 3-4, amp up the intensity...pick your favorite 5 exercises from either Level 2 or 3. Also pick 5 walking or warm up exercises (i.e. walking lunges, squat steps, etc).
The workout will look like this:
Lap 1: Run (comfortable pace)
Lap 2: Level 2 or 3 cardio exercise
Lap 3. Run (1st half comfortable pace, sprint second half of lap)
Lap 4. Walking/Warm Up exercise.
Now Repeat the above 4 more times for a total of 20 laps or 2 miles.


It's our first Throwdown of 2015 and it's a total body strength, cardio and core crusher! I used a skateboard, but you can modify by doing all the work on the floor instead. The skateboard element provides an unstable surface and rolling option so if you don't have one or choose not to use one, change the roll-ins/outs to jumps or step-ins.

15 exercises...15 reps each followed with 1.5 (or 90 second) cardio finisher + 90 second rest. Repeat if you're ready for more. Time should take approx. 15-18 mins per round.

1. Squat Jumps: (modify by taking out the jumps and doing a basic squat. Your goal is to get as low as you can on each squat keeping your weight shifted back in the heels.)

2. Wide Grip Push-Ups: Hands should be wider than your shoulders. Modify by dropping to your knees, but focus on a full range push-up dropping to a 90-degree bend at the elbow.

3. 180 Squat Jumps: Same as squat jumps. Modify by taking out the 180 turn.

4. Tricep Dips: Keep the elbows close to the body and concentrate on squeezing the elbows together as you lower towards the floor.

5. Tricep Dip/Crap Touches: Combination move. Modify by taking out the leg raise and just touch the knee on each lift. 15 on EACH side.

6. Tricep Push-Up/Roll-Outs: Combination move: If you are doing this on the floor, modify by doing a tricep push-up (on your feet if you can) and then dropping to the knees and walking the hands out 4 times and then back in to repeat push-up.

7. Single Arm Roll-Outs: If you don't have a skateboard, in plank position, reach your arm out in front and lift the opposite leg at the same time. 15 reps on EACH side.

8. Bridge Roll-Outs: Modify on the floor by lifting in the bridge and walking the feet out 4 times and back in and lowering back to the floor. Focus on keeping the hips up and in a straight line from the knees to the shoulders.

9. Narrow Grip Push-Up: Hands are directly under the shoulders. Modify by dropping to the knees.

10. JackKnife/Knee Tucks: If you're on the floor, modify by jumping or walking in and out. **Advanced Option: Try performing the exercise on one leg at a time.

11. Knee Tuck/Plank Jumps: Again, modify by walking or jumping instead of rolling if you're working on the floor.

12. Burpee/Knee Tucks: Combination move: Modify by taking out the jumps.

13. Lunge/Curtsy Sliders: If you're not using a skateboard, alternate from a basic lunge to a curtsy lunge, but lifting up the back leg and making and crossing behind the body in alignment with the opposite shoulder. Feet should always be pointing forward and you want to focus on pushing through the front heel on each lift.

14. Explosive Jump Over/Run Back: On the floor, jump forward and run in a half circle back to the start. 15 Reps on EACH side.

15. 90 seconds cardio of your choice: jumprope, run, jacks, skip, mountain climbers, kicks, dance...anything to get your heart rate pumping.

Rest for 90 seconds. Round 2 if you're still craving more! Good luck!!

Throw it down with a partner! 12.5.14

1. Partner Leg Throwdowns: 30 reps
2. Partner assisted Pistol Squats: 20 reps (10 on each leg)
3. Burpees: 20 reps total (or 10 for each participant)
4. Partner Assisted Squat Hold: 1 minute
5. Partner Assisted Push-Ups: 10 reps each (check video for variations)
6. Partner Assisted Hand Stand Push-Ups: to fatigue
Repeat 3x.


Whew! Here it is guys! We asked you what your most challenging bodyweight exercises were that YOU could execute correctly and we've brought them all together for this week's throwdown! (No equipment required in case you don't have access to the gym tomorrow or you're traveling and limited on time and space.) #noexcuses

10 exercises..10 reps for each exercise...3 total rounds!

Good luck with this one!
1. Squat Jumps (modify by doing calf raises instead of jumping)
2. Mountain Mules (4 climbs + 1 donkey kick)
3. Seated Knee Tucks (modify by tucking in one leg at a time)
4. Single Leg Burpee Sliders
5. Switch Lunges (one rep = right & left switch)
6. T Push-Ups (one rep = right & left switch)
7. Pistol Squats (complete 10 reps on each side. Modify by holding on to a chair or entryway)
8. Tornado Push-Ups (one rep = right & left switch)
9. 45° Wall Knee Tucks (one rep = right & left switch)
10. Walking Inchworms

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