Official Fit Bitch Fitness and Apparel Company in Cincinnati, Ohio


Fit Bitch® isn't about fitting in to a certain jean size. It's not the size of your biceps, how many "packs" your abs are showing or how often you went to the gym last week. We define "FIT" in five words: Badass, Inspiring, Tough, Capable and Human... Badass: not afraid to try new things, destroys boundaries, challenges a challenge and never gives up. Inspiring: helps, motivates and encourages others, embraces teamwork and lifts spirits. Tough: strong both inside and out, determined, hard-working and persists through the pain. Capable: moves and adapts to physical and mental changes, confident, competent and efficient. Human: not perfect (like everybody else), embraces change and imperfections, admits flaws and never judges others. Because You Are...Fit Bitch®